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Chris Pratt and Dylan Prunty Recite Lines from “The LEGO Movie”

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Feist - My Moon My Man (Grizzly Bear Remix)



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Weezer - Buddy Holly
Happy birthday to my favorite person! I love the crap out of you, even when you’re a sloppy drunk mess <3 (at Palaia Vineyards Winery)
I could spend a ridiculous amount of time and money in fairway. #fairway #stumptown  (at Fairway Market Nanuet)
We found some Stumptown coffee! Kingsley approves. #stumptown #kingsley #englishbulldog #coffeeaddict (at Gypsy Donut and Espresso Bar)
Obviously this would be the birthday card I get got @dsallen830 #datass
Not diet food by any means but I can’t pass up vegetarian wings. #gardein #yardhouse (at Yard House - West Nyack)

Real Friends Explain, Defend “Sleepy Eyes + Bony Knees”



Real Friends may be best known for their “Sleepy Eyes and Bony Knees” slogan that can be found in multiple songs from the band’s catalog. The lyric has been fuel for some negative comments regarding the band’s new EP, and it’s caused Kyle from the band to address the important meaning behind the lyrics. Check out what he had to say below after the jump.

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"You would look so much better if you lost some weight-"


"You would be so much cuter with make up-"


"Make sure you shave or wax way all that body hair-"


"You shouldn’t wear that-"


"You would be beautiful if you just changed how you look-"


What would #nationaldogday be without a post from the sassiest pup? #kingsley #englishbulldog
Bye mom and dad! Kingsley will miss you. And I guess we will too. #kingsley #englishbulldog #harleydavidson #myparentsarecoolerthanyours
We made a pirate friend! #picturespam #1000island  (at 1000 Islands Winery)